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the #fastercloser campaign from virgin media broadband is one of our recent favourites, with a focus on storytelling and hitting an emotional cord with their audience. the idea of the campaign was to shoot a video piece where it relates to natural beauty and confidence within women. dove have perfectly managed to capture the majority of their audience which is primarily women, in which they have done by using emotive themes and common societal issues. the gopro brand has a huge advantage in that they don’t need a huge budget to create content, as it’s all generated by both their customers and product. customer images, posts and videos are a powerful method of content which can be shared endlessly in the online space.

the alcohol brand heineken chose a different approach to their online campaign #openyourworld. getting a psychological and emotional response from an audience seems to be the most effective marketing strategy brands grasp, using trending and important issues to aid emotional connections with campaigns. we understand not every business can launch campaigns to this scale, but we love that the brand always looks to keep campaigns current and relevant, reflecting on real-life events and issues. we love the fast turn around and response time that the brand took to create this brilliant digital video campaign. similar to every other digital marketing campaign we’ve discussed above, the power of a successful campaign is in relevancy, storytelling and gaining an emotional response. before planning your businesses digital campaigns, the first question you want to ask yourself is ‘what do i want my business to achieve’, do you want to generate brand awareness by creating a content piece that is wildly engaging and sharable, do you want to generate a sense of brand loyalty by using user-generated content as a focus point?

a great place to start is by looking at the brands at the forefront of the digital marketing world and analyze what worked for them. the lesson: content marketing is the way of the future, but it must be managed appropriately to be effective. shaving is the epitome of a boring routine, right? they write reviews for products they love, embed a link to buy it from someone like amazon, and take a cut of each sale. the only marketing they have to do is sharing their top-notch reviews. it may seem obvious now, but the idea to combine social networking and online reviews was a “eureka!” moment for yelp’s founders in 2004. it wasn’t that review sites were unheard of at the time, but this company approached it a little differently with the social angle.

as a major sponsor of the mlb, the company wanted to execute their “priceless” strategy and take advantage of the chicago cubs making the world series for the first time in 71 years. the lesson: when you are trying to create viral digital marketing campaigns, look for content that is already out there, and put a spin on it that will benefit someone else as well as your brand. the lesson: digital marketing can be a great way to creatively engage with your customers and teach them about who you are and what your product does. the project is a collaboration between the humane society of the united states and the ad council. the campaign was the most successful campaign in truth’s history in terms of cultural impact and changing teens attitudes towards smoking, according to a company write-up for the shorty awards. influencers on twitter and vine were also part of the campaign to spread the excitement. this nifty ebook shows you the difference, based on our real-world work with dozens of brands.

on the lookout for some advertising inspiration? take a look at our 6 favourite and best digital marketing campaigns from the past few years. 1.) virgin media here’s some of the best digital marketing campaigns including results, why we love them, and key takeaway points to get you started. 11 companies that are killing it with their digital marketing campaigns ; 1. zappos., .

1. tell a story with emotional triggers – heineken 2. create a safe space for less glamorous brands – tena 3. multi-channel strategy – single 13 brands with the best digital marketing campaigns ; 1. zappos zappos ; 2. mint mint ; 3. the wirecutter. the wirecutter ; 4. airbnb. airbnb ; 5. the 6 best digital marketing campaigns of all time ; 2. apple’s pandemic-era work-from-home thing ; 3. old spice’s the man your man could smell, . what are some of the best digital marketing campaigns? what are examples of digital marketing campaigns? what is a successful digital marketing campaign? what are the most successful marketing campaigns?

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