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knowing who needs your product, what form they need it in, and how to market it in a way that strengthens the brand are core ingredients of awesome global marketing. if there’s no difference between the usage and understanding from country to country, a global standardization approach is practical. you can also ask your international customers to contribute a photo or video of your product in use, and feature that in your social media content. with over 3,200 stores in 36 countries outside of the u.s., dunkin donuts has evolved its menu to satisfy the sweet tooth of its global customers. if your product, tool, or software can be used abroad in a wide variety of applications, be sure to add that to your marketing collateral — even if you operate regionally.

if you have a cool idea, don’t be afraid to try it out on one international market — just make sure it’s the appropriate audience. if you sell a consumer product, why not give the option for your audience to customize — and resell — the products as well? but if that’s not feasible, especially if you run a regional brand, celebrate the flavors of the world by hosting an “international day” and posting about it on your website and online. one of the easiest ways you can begin global marketing is by offering your website in different languages. spotify is considered one of the best global companies in the world, according to interbrand. if your product lends itself to that, try featuring items or products that will appeal to the people of different regions and countries.

of course, the scale that they can be adopted may be different depending on your brands budget and capabilities, however it is absolutely possible to take a leaf out of the book of some of the greatest, top fortune 500 companies in the world. the mistake that many business owners and marketers seem to make is a lack of consistency when it comes to their marketing and brand development. in all of their marketing efforts, apple have not just showcased their products but they have also created the image that their products are visionary and life changing. this strategy has helped the brand to not only sell tubes of toothpaste but to also become one of the leading and most trusted toothpaste products in the world.

it may also be beneficial to think about how your products can help to solve the problems of your consumers and how you can tie this in with the information you are offering as well. combine all of this with some soft entertainment value and some frequent promotions and you will be well on the way to creating a solid social presence. even on their main homepage, nike paints a story about some of their famous shoes and the journey they have taken from idea to conception. this indirect style of marketing is what gets consumers interested in a brand or product and it is also what keeps them following along with the story. this just goes to prove that in order to make your business and marketing strategy successful in the long run, it has to be adaptable and open to changing along with the market.

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