competitive landscape assessment

a competitive landscape analysis provides the information necessary to overcome your competitors and reach your destination. there are a variety of frameworks you can use for analyzing the competition. a strategic group analysis can help you pinpoint your closest competitors and understand the precise nature of the competition. a porter’s five forces analysis provides a framework for examining the overall competitiveness of a particular market. simply enter competitor domains and the tool returns a host of insights you can use to better understand the competitive landscape.

for example, the market share by channel graph depicts a side by side comparison of what share of the market goes to which business through a given channel. for your competitive landscape analysis, it’s important to consider the entire picture. when it comes to the competitive landscape as it relates to products and services, both traffic analytics and eyeon can provide a wealth of data. each page also offers a dropdown view with a graph revealing the sources of the traffic for that page. once you’ve uncovered your competitors, selected a framework for analyzing the competition, and gathered data, you’ll need to organize your findings. for other research, you may want to use a tool like google data studio or tableau.

completing a competitive landscape analysis provides the information you need to leverage your company’s strengths instead of engaging in price wars. in this post we will walk you through how to complete a competitive landscape analysis and recommend tools to get the most accurate information. a competitive landscape analysis is a way of identifying and examining your rival’s product offering, social media content, and marketing strategies to improve your own business. you can also identify potential partnerships and ways to expand your product offerings. let’s use starbucks as an example to illustrate the competitive landscape analysis process.

this process can seem overwhelming as you begin to cultivate a list of competitors and potential competitors, especially in larger organizations with multiple products and target audiences. however, for your landscape analysis to provide powerful information, you should rely on more than google searches. you can use a tool like semrush to find out who’s linking to your competition and what keywords they’re ranking for in organic internet searches. social media monitoring allows you to react in various ways: to organize your findings in a useful way, create a competitive matrix and record the information you have gathered. once completed, use the matrix to identify where your company stands out and highlight those features for marketing and sales training. continually monitoring competitors encourages you to continue thinking proactively and making strategic moves based on how customers respond rather than reacting.

competitive landscape analysis is the process of examining your market to identify your competitors and figure out where they stand with regard there are several benefits for completing a competitive landscape analysis. first, it helps you delineate how you differ from your competitors the competitive landscape refers to the list of options a customer could choose rather than your product. the list includes your competitors’ products and, .

a competitive landscape analysis is a structured way of identifying and researching your competitors. you perform a detailed investigation into how they’re conducting product development, marketing, sales, and other vital operations. competitive landscape is a business analysis method that identifies direct or indirect competitors to help comprehend their mission, vision, core values, a global pharmaceutical company needed to assess the current and future competitive landscape of an early-stage analog drug to determine the possibilities a competitive landscape analysis is our fancy way of saying competitor research. we pull together a list of competitors provided by you, and add, . what is included in a competitive landscape? what is a competitive assessment?

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