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this will automatically generate a list of the major players in your space. you can find them by manually researching each of your target keywords or using the organic research competitors report. you can find your local competitors manually by researching your target keywords and noting who appears in the local pack each time. the competition map will show you how you stack up against your top competitors based on the number of keywords and average position. note the share of traffic owned by you and each of your competitors.

the audience overlap graph will show you how your audience and competitors compare to one another. you can find basic information about your competitors in the company info section of the traffic analytics overview report. as you do, pay close attention to the types of products or services that are most successful for each competitor, and compare that information with your own. this is crucial to online marketing because it impacts:  you can uncover your competitor’s ad placement by returning to traffic analytics and using the traffic journey details report. use the guide above to discover, track and better understand your competitors, so you can navigate through your market with ease.

even if you are already ranking at the top of the search results for all your most important keywords, there will always be another site that is trying to take over your rankings and capitalizing on your own site’s weaknesses. you want to identify the competitors that may rank above you in the serps but are not a true competitor, and identify sites that might not be as important for you to outrank compared to others. just like you want to know the most important keywords your competitors are ranking for, it is also essential to identify which pages are their most popular. if you are both suffering from the same technical seo issues or having coding issues that makes it harder for google to crawl pages effectively, making those improvements to your site can result in more visibility. you could also look at the pages that used to rank for the keywords and see if there is a reason why they are not ranking any longer — it could be a wide range of issues from a technical crawl issue to a spam issue. once you have identified specific keywords and search results, then you need to start looking on a page by page basis comparing your pages to the pages of the competitors that are outranking you.

while looking at this should be part of your overall competitive analysis for each site, it is also essential to look at how it relates to specific pages that you are trying to get higher rankings for as well. you want to look for important gaps in your backlinks, especially links that multiple competitors have from the same page or site. if google is displaying these content types in the search results for your top keywords, then it would become a higher priority to make sure you appear in each of the search features to lock down as much of the search result real estate as possible, especially if your competitors do the same. so each of your competitors may have a handle on a different part of the google search results, and it is important to note each for a thorough analysis. once google actually turns on a search feature that uses that particular schema, you will be ahead of the game, and your site will be one of the first in your industry to have it. depending on the size of your site and the number of active competitors, you will want to rerun a competitor analysis every six months to one year.

first, open the organic research tool and enter your domain. then click on the “competitors” tab. here, you’ll find the competitive positioning competitive research toolkit ; traffic analytics. find out where your rivals concentrate most of their marketing efforts ; market explorer. learn total market get tips and strategies for seo competitive analysis. this guide covers the critical areas for doing your own competitor analysis to find, competitor analysis template, competitor analysis template, competitor analysis framework, competitor analysis example, semrush competitors.

competitive analysis is a foundation of digital marketing. semrush offers 6 main reports to find competitors based on the following criteria:. a one-stop-shop for all of the competitive insights you need to build an unbeatable marketing strategy. identify your competitors’ best-performing marketing try to pass the competitor analysis exam and earn your personalized certificate. if you already have sufficient skills in competitive research, you can bypass, ubersuggest competitor analysis, spyfu competitor analysis. how do you do a competitor analysis on semrush? how do i compare competitors on semrush? who are semrush competitors? how do you perform a competitor analysis?

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