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but did you know you can also use it to keep track of your competitors’ strategies? more importantly, it can help you find the right formula to quickly grow your business online. in this article, we’ll show you how to find out exactly what your google ads competitors are doing – and how to use it to your benefit. you can use semrush to get ad keywords and the traffic numbers of your competitors. you can access it by clicking on any active ads campaign and going to the ‘auction insight’ tab. you can also use the auction insights report to check how you’re performing for a keyword.

this information enables you to find out how your ad is reaching out to people. next, look at the columns for unique keywords and overlap keywords to learn which terms you’re both bidding on and which ones your competitors are bidding on that you are not. you can then seek out the ad to check its copy and landing page. this lowers the chance of you swinging and missing with your keywords, since you can know beforehand the best ones to incorporate into your campaign. we want to make sure you’re a good fit for us, and that we can deliver the results you need, so we’ll need to gather just a few pieces of information about your business. after years of working for agencies, andrew started omg to remove the complexity of seo and provide simple, transparent results.

i’m going to focus, however, on the various tools on the market that you can use to see estimated metric performance, keyword and ad copy information on those competitors. the data will help you determine if your competition is more aggressive in their bids or budget. the overlap rate will show you how often you and the competitor appear in the same auction search results. however, it provides rather specific information regarding keywords your competition is bidding on and seeing the greatest success with.

within the free version, you can type in your competitors website and view their biggest competitors (are you on the list? in addition to showing keywords your competitors are bidding on and ads they are running with accompanying ranking information, if you do upgrade you gain the ability to build new campaigns with the information you find. you can take a free trial in this program and see up to 10 keywords, ads, and competitor domains. competitive research is only useful if you use it as a part of your ppc strategy, not the lead driver in how you determine the best ways to move forward.

spyfu is one of the best tools for keyword competitor research. it saves a load of time and gives detailed insight into your competitors’ search for any competitor. download their keywords. it’s that simple. learn competitors’ ppc & seo tricks and avoid their mistakes. try it free. in google ads, you can review the auction insights to determine what competitors are competing with you for the same keywords., google ads competitors, google ads competitors, spyfu, keyword competitor analysis, google ads competitor analysis free.

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