Guidance on writing meeting agenda

A lot of successful meeting owe its success to a good written and well-planned meeting agenda. Meeting agenda is the plan or guide for the whole meeting. Statistics will tell us that 70{038e9496d8f0ea4e9813ec961d7d449a4cada3a69828e40e9bf150026667c268} of meetings nowadays do not have an agenda or may have one, but it is poorly written. If you are interested on how to write a great meeting agenda, then this article will enumerate some tips to help you achieve that. To even inspire why it is great to have a good meeting agenda, a great will actually speed up the process thus saving you time and money. It also increases work productivity that can benefit both the company and employees.

Meeting Agenda Overview

Meeting agenda needs to pay attention to the key points and essential information it includes. This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to meetings. The participants should be aware of what is going to be discussed. The more focused your key points are, the faster and smoother the meeting will go.

If possible, it is best that you distribute the meeting’s key point in advance. By doing so, you allow people to have a good idea about the meeting and will formulate meeting-related issues in advance. Not only it saves time, but it also promotes good decision making from your participants if needed be.

Meeting Agenda Elements

General information: When writing an agenda for a meeting, it is best that you clearly put the essentials clearly to be seen. What are the agenda essentials? That would be the location, name, time and date. This might be no-brainer, but you would be surprised on how many times people forget to put in the essentials on the agenda.

Headers: This is not exactly a must in writing a good meeting agenda. However, there are times that you need to put in important headers. A good example that must be in a meeting agenda headers are notes, ‘please bring’, please read and type of meeting to name a few.

Important People: A good agenda must also include listing people that plays a vital role in the upcoming meeting. A few examples that you can put in when it comes to important people are moderator, minute keeper, chairperson, facility personnel, observers and attendees.

Agenda Items: In this section, you may write down the most important meeting-related items that is included in the meeting such as people who are responsible for an issue or item and the time allocated for that item or issue.

A good meeting agenda is makes a big difference when it comes to making a meeting a success. A good meeting agenda can shorten the meeting so people can proceed to do their work. This can ultimately save money and time for both the company and employees.