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the form and content of an industry report varies between databases. pro tip: if looking for a full industry analysis, try to avoid “snapshots” or other articles that only briefly examine one aspect of the industry. company reports in business source ultimate will often have industry categories listed on the report record. learn how to locate company reports on our find company reports/profile page.

to browse, use the menu in the top left-hand corner and select “industries.”  type the industry name in the search bar or browse reports by clicking the “industry reports” drop-down menu at the top of the page and perusing the reports available (organized by geographic area and report type). browse the reports or use the search bar to find a particular industry. while reports are good places to start, you should also gather and learn from the many journal articles about your industry and top competitors. business source ultimate and abi/inform complete provide access to full-text articles from scholarly journals, professional publications, magazines, and newspapers. for more information about using keywords, please see our guide:  you can locate industry association websites by running an advanced google search using the following format: industry description + association.

recall that industry reports are comprehensive accounts of a particular industry, containing a depth of information, facts and statistics (source). industry reports are usually very expensive. a lot of reports that you find in a google search can cost around $3000, just for one report! you can access credible industry reports through the library’s subscription databases. here are some suggestions for you.

if you’re using public library access, first research industry profiles in abi/inform are a good place to start researching u.s. industries. click on the correct access link above and follow these instructions to find first research industry profiles. in both the abi/inform and entrepreneurship databases, you can use the advanced search page to find additional reports and articles. check out these databases for specialized industry reports. you’ll also find industry financial profiles that can help you benchmark your own venture against companies of similar size in your industry. check out the video tutorials from ohio university and learn to use bizminer effectively.

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