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there’s no such thing as the “perfect” marketing technology (a.k.a. campaign management tools, customer relationship management software, social media management solutions, customer experience management platforms: all offer distinct benefits for brands and rightfully deserve a spot in their marketing tech stacks. where do business technologies like the customer data platform (cdp) fit in the current (and future) martech landscape? but examining — and, when necessary, upgrading — your technologies is your company’s path to realizing better marketing and business outcomes in the long run. as brinker noted at martech east 2019, companies need to take a focused approach to modifying their marketing technology stack to ensure each tool is ideal for the business. you should assess if the software enables streamlined, real-time, cross-channel marketing to both individuals and segments — or if a best-of-breed, non-suite martech stack is more ideal.

don’t have a single ui in which you can access all first-party data and liberate it through personalized and one-to-one marketing? you’ll notice the data management platform (dmp), master data management (mdm) software, data warehouses, and similar databases, on their face, have similar features and value-adds. you’ll see only one offers unified profiles and the single customer view you need to succeed: a pure-play cdp. this means it’s crucial to construct a martech stack that marketing can own and operate with confidence. whether you want to improve cross-channel personalization or acquire more customers at a lower cost, your marketing strategy will only go as far as your martech stack allows it. you can only reduce your customer attrition rate (a.k.a. (not… customer analytics can be an invaluable source of insight for companies of all sizes.

that doesn’t include the cost of staff to manage and administer it. depending on the size and breadth of your technology stack, an assessment can get complicated very quickly, especially if you have not done one before. by evaluating each system against these criteria, you will obtain the insights you need to decide which tools should stay, which tools should go and where you can make changes that help you get more value out of the systems you have in place. when it comes to adoption, if you’re not leveraging those advanced capabilities, you would lower your adoption score in the assessment and highlight the capabilities you still need to leverage.

our assessment method and tools spotlight these intricacies to help you understand the best actions to take next when a tool must be enhanced or sunset. while i am a fan of getting support from vendors, especially if it’s included in the license fee, know that the vendor’s expertise is probably limited to their own system and how it should be used based on how they’ve been trained. if you’re interested in seeing how our assessment tools work, feel free to reach out for a free review of the process and tools. david is an accomplished industry speaker, thought leader, author, and host the of demandgen radio, a bi-weekly podcast devoted to educating marketing professionals on the best technologies and methods for driving growth.

use our martech stack evaluation guide to audit your brand’s marketing technology stack and identify areas for improvement. understanding the various tools offered in the martech marketplace is imperative as the advertising technologies (adtech) market continues to shift. how to assess your martech stack assemble key stakeholders that can help provide an assessment for each key system in the stack. conduct an, martech stack template, martech stack template, martech audit, merkle, merkle data management.

a complimentary assessment to evaluate your customer data maturity, gaps and untapped potential; an evaluation of the operational, technical and resource take our martech assessment. it can be confusing to identify and evaluate the numerous technologies that are available that support the increasing need to mapping your future. we start our technology assessments by identifying the gaps and opportunities in your martech stack. we then suggest options to bridge them, merkle data source, merkle data accelerator, data accelerators, merkle ccpa. what is a martech assessment? what is considered martech? how do you assess a martech stack? what does a martech do?

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