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bush carries the name of a family once revered in the state, but these days that is a heavy burden in texas. bush enjoys some of the benefits of his family name, relatively high name identification and access to money, for example. a new surname dominates politics in the texas republican party — trump — and bush is gambling that by embracing the politics of the trump gop, he can survive and indeed thrive.

bush said if he makes the runoff against paxton, he will once again seek trump’s endorsement by trying to persuade the former president to rescind his support for paxton. he has struggled to make his voice heard, but any votes he gets will come out of paxton’s coalition, which is why the attorney general has attacked him in a tv ad. but it was a follow-up question that truly rattled him and stunned the audience: well, asked evan smith, chief executive of the texas tribune, would he support his father in 2016 if he were to run for president? in the interview, bush said voting fraud “is an important issue” that would be a focus of his time as attorney general.

“it was a lie,” the former attorney general william p. barr writes early on in his new book — a “fabrication” that “was repeated and amplified in media coverage throughout the election and is still repeated.” barr isn’t referring in this instance to donald trump’s insistent lie about “massive election fraud” in 2020, but to an event that happened nearly 30 years earlier, when barr was doing his first tour as the attorney general, for president george h.w. barr takes care in this book to present his childhood as more hardscrabble than a rarefied prep school education and an apartment on new york city’s riverside drive would have anyone believe.

barr doesn’t make much of an effort in this book to counter assertions by his critics that even before reading the mueller report he had mostly made up his mind. by the end of “one damn thing after another,” it’s clear that barr has something else in common with trump — a shrewd ability to recognize when certain people are no longer useful for his purposes, and a willingness to dispense with them accordingly. until i got to that point in his book, i wouldn’t have pegged barr as someone so thirsty for a fairy-tale ending.

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“it was a lie,” the former attorney general william p. barr writes early on in his new book — a “fabrication” that “was repeated and p-ebt provides food benefits to help families with young children (under age 6) who got calfresh food benefits between october 2020 and august 2021 and school, .

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