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the pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar business tasked with researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing drugs for human and animal use. combine that with the changing landscape of the pharma industry – this point in time of american drug history when key drug patents are expiring (typically after a 20 year period) and more and more generics are hitting the market – and it’s easy to understand that pharmaceutical companies must find new drugs, as well as boost declining sales of their established ones, if they want to survive. with so many customer types, it’s paramount that drug companies learn as much as possible about each one so that they can identify the areas and people with the most profitable issues to address. picking the right environment (both physically and generally) in which to market a drug is critical.

thus, it’s imperative that pharmaceutical companies keep on top of the products that their competitors are developing, as well as improving. they can utilize swot analyses and sales force assessments to diagnose and treat deficiencies. they can observe and use others’ successes for their own benefit instead. a good pharmaceutical market research project can reveal industry trends and help forecast market growth. it can provide the raw data needed for accurate benchmarking, and it can uncover unmet needs.

with its long road from r&d to the point of sale, the pharmaceutical industry is unlike any other, and pharmaceutical market research is just one part of the journey. but the best commercial organizations realize that market research leads to a competitive advantage. and if you stay in a check-the-box mentality, you’re not going to be able to deliver the type of customer insight you need to drive your business forward. it’s about delivering more insight and value to the business. when i do less, i prioritize research relative to the business issue at hand, and recognize there’s already a base of knowledge to leverage.

if the research was well designed, capably executed and synthesized skillfully, it’s likely that there are findings and insight that are still valuable to you today. market research has a seat at the table—there’s a level of a respect for what research does and brings. the market research agency is pulled in to work with market research, along with marketing. amy: one mistake is when they’ve done the research—and maybe they’ve done the best research in the world—but they don’t know how to communicate it. amy: the industries that do market research the best, like consumer packaged goods, have set the standard and established their market research organization as king—they’re contributing a tremendous amount of momentum for the company.

a good pharmaceutical market research project can reveal industry trends and help forecast market growth. it can describe how well a company is (or is not) market research is essential to ensuring companies have the right strategies and tactics to develop and market their products. know more. market research (mr) can help identify ways to lower costs and improve revenues. the most successful pharma companies have developed powerful, .

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