red bull competitive analysis

red bull is america’s most popular energy drink, capturing almost a quarter of the country’s market and similar shares world-round. red bull is a major sponsor of hundreds (if not thousands) of sporting events, teams, and athletes, with some events even named after the energy drink brand. for starters, it puts the company at high risk of a chance in the energy drink industry (such as new, unfavorable regulations). the energy drink is marketed as a premium product, like major competitor monster.

as consumers continue to get richer, we can expect them to spend more on premium products like red bull, presenting a huge opportunity for the multinational brand. continuing on the topic of new product lines, another opportunity for red bull is to develop new, health-oriented products. another threat for red bull is product staleness. perhaps the scariest threat for red bull is the introduction of new health regulations which prevent the sale of energy drinks, or significantly reduce their profitability. as a result, red bull needs to watch out for product staleness, health crackdowns, and competitors.

red bull is a famous energy drink brand that sells across 171 countries and is now focusing on core markets of western europe and the u.s. for faster growth. this has led to better financial figures including operating profit and revenues for red bull in 2017.  moreover, because of its excellent sales, the brand has emerged as  a tough competitor for several brands. one of the biggest players in the soda industry, pepsico was formed after the merger of pepsi and frito lay in 1965. the brand has seen growth in organic revenue in 2017. it has 20 billion dollar brands in its product portfolio. us it its largest market where it is engaged in intense competition with coca cola and dr pepper snapple. apart from flavoured soda drinks, the brand also competes with dr pepper snapple across the energy drinks and juice category. coca cola is one of the leading soda beverages company of the world with a  very large product portfolio made up of more than 500 sparkling and still brands. the brand is present in more than 200 countries and is also known for great marketing capabilities apart from high level of popularity.

monster is also a major competitor of red bull with its portfolio of energy drinks. its gross sells in 2016 reached 3.5 billion dollars rising from 3.1 billion dollars in 2015. monster has several of its energy drinks products competing with red bull across the u.s. and other markets. some  of the leading energy drinks sold by monster beverages include nos, monster energy, burn and full throttle. pepper snapple is a major competitor of pepsico, coca cola & red bull in the u.s. market. dr pepper snapple has made a series of strategic acquisitions over the last three decades to grow its business and customer base. despite its limited product portfolio as compared to the two major players in the soda industry, the brand has continued to expand and grow. its venom energy drink competes with red bull. in english literature from brabu and an mba from the asia-pacific institute of management, new delhi.

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red bull swot analysis, competitors & usp swot analysis of red bull analyses the brand by its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats. red bull is a powerful company right now, what with its unique, well-established brand and high market share. however, the brand is highly reliant on its energy major competitors of red bull: pepsico; coca cola; monster beverages; nestle; dr pepper snapple. pepsico: one of the biggest players in the, red bull strengths, red bull strengths and weaknesses. what is red bull’s competitive advantage? what are the main competitors of red bull? who is red bull biggest competition? what is the swot analysis of red bull?

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