xiaomi marketing strategy

xiaomi was a ground-breaking smartphone at the time in budget and was well received by indian customers. with the main aim of providing quality technology at affordable prices to everyone, xiaomi has captured third place in the global smartphone market. miscellaneous additional services and products of xiaomi also have their fair share in helping the company generate good revenues. xiaomi has kept its marketing strategy minimalistic due to the cost leadership business strategy.

lg swot

koo in-hwoi was the founder of lg and laid the foundation of the company in october 1958 under the name of goldstar. according to an estimate, the annual revenue of lg in 2020 was 17.429 billion us dollars, and it has decreased by 18.03%. it shows the assets and liabilities of the electronics brand. lg is a highly active organization in social roles, and the company believes in the equal distribution of wealth. in fact, the company has earned a market reputation in the sale of various products. however, the growing demand pushes retailers to keep an extra stock of products. people recognize the brand because of its reliability, innovation, and research and development.

samsung industry analysis

from apple to huawei, xiaomi, and several more, there are many strong competitors of samsung in the global markets. it is also the one to have revived the earliest from the threat of coronavirus. the number of global shipments is in millions. samsung has also leveraged the strength of marketing to grow its sales and popularity level in the global market. innovation is the key to winning in the technology market and samsung has brought a large range of products including smartphones, tablets, televisions as well as semiconductors and memory products. in the us smartphone market, samsung is behind apple and holds the position of the second-largest smartphone brand. the company has brought a large range of smartphones and tablets. samsung has a small and almost negligible share in the chinese market. samsung is already reaping the benefits of being a leader in the 5g smartphones segment. as the situation returns to normal and employment level rises, it could lead to faster growth in sales of smartphones including 5g sets which would be highly profitable for a smartphone brand such as samsung. despite being the global leader in the smartphone industry, samsung is facing a lot of competition from china and the us based smartphone manufacturers. samsung is the second biggest brand of smartphones based on shipments and market share in india. for a large business like samsung, it is of utmost importance to mind ethics and compliance since apart from substantial sums in the form of fines like it paid in the apple case, it also keeps losing reputation internationally. it has also had a significant impact on the sales of samsung products. it is why businesses like samsung have to create strategies and policies with an understanding of the political environment of each market. the role of economic forces in the context of international business and the growth of international trade is immensely important. however, with time a lot of research and evidence has accumulated that shows that the effect of these factors on business is significant. the advancement of digital technology has brought a sea change in the way businesses operate internationally. the main factor driving the growth and competitive advantage of samsung is technology. it is also the key to surviving in a highly competitive industry environment. in the case of large businesses like samsung it is even essential to consider the compliance related requirements very minutely.

sony competitive analysis

the company has grown its focus on innovation to beat the fast-growing competitive pressure in various industries from gaming to entertainment and consumer electronics. its playstation 4 is the most popular gaming console worldwide and holds the largest market share of all gaming consoles in the market. its brand image is a key driver of sales and revenue growth for the company worldwide. sony has remained a leading name in the consumer electronics industry mainly because of its focus on quality. the decline in sales of consumer electronics  products made by sony can also be attributed partially to the lack of a focussed marketing strategy. the result is that while profit margins have shrunk for sony, the company also has to spend more on marketing and research, and development to maintain its market position and market share. due to its shrinking share in the consumer electronics industry, the company needs to focus more aggressively on the latest technologies to sustain its market position and growth momentum. while sony is still a highly trusted consumer electronics brand worldwide, if it is losing market to its south korean and chinese rivals, the reason is that the company did not focus enough on marketing. the company needs to focus on methods of creating new channels of growth and achieving market expansion. while the company has grown its focus on research and development, in the coming years, its operating expenses could grow faster due to the growing competitive pressure. the use of digital channels for shopping and  entertainment has grown which also reflected in sony’s sales in the pictures and music segment but the impact has clearly been harsh on the consumer electronics and gaming products. big tech is facing higher scrutiny in the us, china and europe related to its anticompetitive practices. all these  factors have helped it maintain a strong image and the company has mostly avoided any form of government action. a lot of management literature highlights the relevance of sociocultural factors in relation to business’ performance and operational success.

huawei competitors analysis

the swot analysis of huawei indicates the strengths of the brand in which the brand is good and what distinguishes it from its competitors, its weakness that would halt the brand to do well, and its focus point. as the brand has a higher smartphone sale every year, it is shown in its higher profits. due to its strong focus on research and development, huawei has been a leading player in the smartphone industry and the 5g technology as well. the brand has an excellent global reach, and this is also a primary strength of the brand. the brand has a proper strategy that focuses on lower prices and quality.