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still, competitive analysis is a crucial part of the groundwork done by every business hoping to stand out and sell well. as i’ll be using apple music, spotify, and deezer as examples of competitive brands, you will also get some insights into which music streaming service is the best according to social media competitive analysis. besides, spotify is in first place by the number of mentions and reach. in social listening terms, measuring share of voice — the number of times a brand is mentioned on the web and in social media posts vs. the number of times competitor brands are mentioned — is the closest you can get to measuring market share. you can see how the competition is spread out and analyze what that means.

you can see that the music streaming services we chose for analysis are trying to draw the attention of the same audience. say, you noticed a spike in mentions of your competitor and you know that most of them appeared on twitter. as you can see, i used the quick search option in apple music mentions feed to dig up all mentions of the platform’s interface. in-app, you can go to the mentions and interact with the authors right away. remember: the longer you track mentions, the more insightful and comprehensive your analysis gets. competitor analysis proficiency is just one of the many skills you’ll gain with a social listening tool by your side.

we’ll also list the best social media competitive analysis tools and give you a free template to help you get started. bonus: get a free, customizable competitive analysis template to easily size up the competition and identify opportunities for your brand to pull ahead. enter the links to their social profiles in your competitive analysis spreadsheet. bonus: get a free, customizable competitive analysis template to easily size up the competition and identify opportunities for your brand to pull ahead. in a swot analysis, you take a hard look at your business and the competition to identify: the important thing to know is that strengths and weaknesses involve factors internal to your brand.

putting a solid social media monitoring strategy in place will equip you with that real-time data to incorporate in your next analysis. here are some of the best social media competitive analysis tools to help you get started. this is one of the metrics you should track in your social media competitive analysis template. you could create your own spreadsheet to keep track of all the information you gather during your social media competitive analysis. we could have sworn you were someone who wanted to blow your competition out of the water on social media.

step 1: pick competitors & start monitoring step 2: go through basic social listening stats step 3: dive into mentions step 4: explore social identify who your competitors are on social media; know which social platforms they’re on; know how they’re using those platforms; understand while listening gives you insights into competitors’ organic presence in broader conversations across social (aka “earned content”), our, .

with social listening, brands can use benchmarking and reputation measurement tools, identify your strengths and competitive advantages. with social listening, brands can measure their online conversations by tracking their share of voice, and comparing it to others. social listening is the process of collecting and analyzing all mentions of any keyword on social media and the web. any keyword means the names use social listening to collect all posts that mention your competitors and their campaigns. find and jump on relevant conversations to put your brand in front social competitive analysis (or competitor analysis) evaluates a competitor’s social content, profile and overall strategies to identify strengths and, . what is social listening analysis? how do you do a social media competitive analysis? what are the 6 steps of competitive analysis? how do you write a competitive analysis?

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