southwest airlines competitors analysis

southwest boasts a fleet of more than 730 aircraft and is one of the major carriers in the united states with a 17.4 percent market share. southwest is known for its customer service and has built a loyal community of customers that love to fly with them. it means that southwest airlines is dependent on the airline sector as a whole, which has its ups and downs. it started its operations in 1936, and according to statista, it is the largest airline by fleet size with over 881 aircraft.

in 2020, it controlled 15.5 percent of the domestic air travel market, third to american airlines and southwest airlines. founded in 1983 as charter one, a michigan-based charter airline, the company changed its name to spirit airlines in 1996 and commenced a discount carrier. the company will add 17 new jets to its fleet between 2021 and 2023, increasing its fleet size to 338.  in 2020, it held 5.5 percent of the domestic market share. southwest airlines maintains its position as one of the top low-cost carriers. southwest airlines also improves its customer service by hiring the right people and providing benefits for its employees.

despite being an airline known for its low cost, southwest airlines operated profitably from its inception in 1967 to 2019. but when the pandemic hit, southwest’s profits plummeted, leading the company to its first and only loss in over 50 years of operation. what did it do to recover from a 59% drop in profit? the main strengths of southwest airlines are its low-cost business model and point-to-point routes. in addition to these, southwest airlines has taken aggressive measures to increase its liquidity. southwest airlines managed to pull through 2020 without eliminating any of the destinations it serves. the biggest weakness of southwest airlines is its inability to remain competitive in the face of other airline companies adopting cost-cutting measures because of the pandemic. in addition to this, southwest’s destinations and passenger amenities are falling short of those its competitors offer. however, the future isn’t bleak.

capitalizing on these opportunities could give southwest a significant edge in the industry. some of the major opportunities for southwest airlines are expanding its routes and upgrading its fleets. the biggest opportunity for southwest is the dip in competition the pandemic has created. southwest can use this time to re-imagine its role and re-create itself to face the heavy competition that is on its way. in today’s scenario, the biggest threat to southwest is the competition to acquire patrons and the decline in business travel. the silver lining for southwest in this scenario is that it has been able to rapidly raise cash. the swot table summarizes swot analysis for southwest airlines in an easy-to-read grid. in addition to this, we have a lot of swot analysis examples for you to learn and increase your critical thinking skills.

answer: southwest airlines’ main competitors include delta airlines, american airlines, jetblue airways, alaska airlines, and united airlines. others include in this article, you will learn how to do the swot analysis for southwest airlines. southwest airlines is a low-cost-carrier that distinguishes itself from southwest airlines’s top competitors include jetblue airways, alaska air group, united airlines, delta air lines, american airlines and air france klm., southwest airlines competitive advantage case study, american airlines competitive analysis, american airlines competitive analysis, airline competition analysis, swot analysis of airline industry 2020.

competitors of southwest include most domestic airlines within the united states, including american, delta, and united airlines with whom southwest has had long rivalries with. however, there have been huge increases in the ultra-low-cost carriers market, with airlines such as spirit, frontier and jetblue. understand the competitive advantages of southwest airlines and how they manage to edge out other airlines. swot analysis of southwest airlines analyses the brand by its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats. in southwest airlines swot strengths:- leading position in the us aviation industry: – large and efficient fleet:- operational efficiency:- lower prices :- focus on, airline competitors, american airlines competitive advantage. who are southwest airlines main competitors? why is southwest airlines more successful than its competitors? what type of competition does southwest airlines face? what competitive disadvantages does southwest airlines have?

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