strategic marketing plan of nike

the article includes the strategies and marketing tactics nike utilized to rise up to the top of their industry. what is the nike strategy when it comes to marketing and branding? nike sells a lifestyle, it taps into an emotional part of the consumer that wants to aspire to live healthier and to find their own “greatness”. one article notes how nike has been consistent in their message to consumers that they stress the importance of their needs and preferences. a perfect example of their leadership in the basketball market.

nike also tries to stay ahead of their competitors with their advancements in the technology in their products (i.e. see below for the chart comparison of nike and their competitors. here is a screenshot of the nike instagram account – you can see a mixture of photos and videos with over million views on the videos and thousands of likes and comments. it is noted that the chance helped promote nike and increase their fan-base. here is a picture from instagram on the nike account. nike was founded in 1964 by bill bowerman and phil knight with $1200 in the bank.

you will be surprised to find out that shoes are not the only thing that has brought nike this far. let’s think about nike for a second and tell the first word that describes shoes of this brand, you can quickly identify it, “athletic shoes”. if you can name one or a few characteristics of your products that they can be used for differentiated from others on the market, you are halfway to success. customers of nike need to be aware of their strength and grow the ambition for reaching stronger, faster, and higher. for a company that targets the younger generation like nike, it is important to use social media as a vital part of their marketing strategy.

if you go to youtube and type in “nike review” on the search bar, you can receive about hundreds of results. for ecommerce, a big part of the marketing strategy is the buying experience. nike is one of the businesses that put customers first – a phrase that you might hear several times. after reading about nike’s marketing strategy, the question now is that: how can you add these methods to your marketing strategy and naturally make them work? and content is the core element of any marketing strategy as well.

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