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market research is the systemic gathering of information about and analysis of the factors that influence an industry: emerging trends, customer behavior, brand positioning, product usage, etc. the data generated through market research is an invaluable tool for professionals working in brand marketing, competitive intelligence, or business strategy. syndicated research is research that is independently conducted, published and sold by a market research firm. generally, market research firms offer their services in two forms: custom research and syndicated research. one of the key benefits of syndicated research is cost efficiency.

investing in syndicated research is an often a cost-effective solution for firms seeking to gain valuable market insight. the best syndicated research produces actionable insights. linda york is a senior vice president in the cogent syndicated division where she leads the wealth management syndicated research & consulting practice. before joining escalent, linda was the practice director of syndicated research at cogent research, where she managed the product development and execution process for syndicated research projects and consulted with dozens of clients in the retail and institutional wealth management space. linda is an avid equestrian and a two-time finisher of the boston marathon.

in syndicated research the research problem and scope of research is formulated by market research companies based on their experience and methodology. whereas in case of a custom market research the data is only made available to the client and are often governed by non-disclosure agreements. you can use portals like market research reports  to find and purchase syndicated research reports. instead market research companies draft the objectives and methodology of syndicated research to cater to a wide audience (remember they are paying for conducting that syndicated research) so that the final report can be purchased and used by many customers.

the opposite of syndicated research is custom market research where a client organization hires a market research firm to do a research for them. if the companies you wish to cover for your research study are participant’s of any industry association (in most cases you can find industry associations for all industry sectors) then you can approach that association and suggest what you are trying to achieve and how that can be beneficial to their members. the most accurate way to find the costing of reports would be to visit market research report distribution platforms like and search for the sector reports. what i appreciated most are the pointers to sources of information from which one can obtain syndicated research reports. marketing research is a process of collection of gathering, analyzing and interpreting raw data about consumers to derive usable business…

syndicated research is research that is independently conducted, published and sold by a market research firm. the market research firm ​syndicated research projects always involve multiple clients. there are basically two types of syndicated research: syndicated research can be conducted and a research study which is conducted and funded by a market research firm but not for any specific client is called a syndicated research., .

syndicated research is when a third-party company designs, administers and tabulates the data in an attempt to sell the report and data to multiple clients. end-user companies buy “access” to the research, which gives them the ability to view the data in their market, make comparisons, and trend the data. typically, syndicated research companies collect data in specialized areas and sell it to companies for their specific use. these studies can be syndicated research refers to the kind of research that is conducted independently, published and sold by a market research firm. compare all marketing research firms specializing in syndicated research. quirk’s is the leading source for marketing researchers., . what is an example of syndicated research? what are two types of syndicated research? what are examples of syndicated data? what is syndicated research in india?

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