xiaomi marketing strategy

xiaomi was a ground-breaking smartphone at the time in budget and was well received by indian customers. with the main aim of providing quality technology at affordable prices to everyone, xiaomi has captured third place in the global smartphone market. miscellaneous additional services and products of xiaomi also have their fair share in helping the company generate good revenues. xiaomi has kept its marketing strategy minimalistic due to the cost leadership business strategy.

to connect with the customers, attract engagement and build the presence of the brand online, xiaomi developed various social media campaigns. redmi note– a social media campaign through twitter by mi india mi india connected with people on twitter to promote their new redmi note phone and convinced them to participate in the contest. xiaomi relied on social media to engage with mi fans, consumers and used the platform to share thoughts, converse with like-minded people and generate high-quality content.#shotonredmi helped communicate the value of a phone for a potential consumer and also helped in retaining followers for the brand. it has been a unique blend of business strategies, digital marketing strategies and social media marketing strategies which has transformed the business in just 5 years of its inception.

that’s a steep rise for a company that had just 3% of the market in 2015. all thanks to the innovative marketing strategy of xiaomi that stimulated this growth. the consumer needs in india are different from that of their western counterparts. the price elasticity of demand is high which means that consumers here are sensitive to pricing. in order to compete with the likes of samsung, apple, oneplus, xiaomi had to constantly work on improving its product. this made it easier for xiaomi to transition phones from 3g to 4g overnight in india, ultimately killing the indian brands that failed to adapt quickly.

penetration pricing is a pricing strategy where the price of a product is initially set low to rapidly reach a wide fraction of the market and initiate word of mouth. #giveme5 pic.twitter.com/yfqpp1ccs7 once a flash sale is completed, xiaomi makes use of the quick sell-out in further social media postings, to grab more eyeballs. this could explain why xiaomi is testing waters in the premium smartphone market, with the launch of a new range of phones called the k-20 series. xiaomi has customized its marketing strategy and market positioning for the premium market. nike has built one of the most powerful brands in the world through its benefit-based marketing strategy. in this piece, we connect apple’s unique and successful take on social media to its core values.

xiaomi has kept its marketing strategy minimalistic due to the cost leadership business strategy. unlike other recent competitors like oppo and vivo, xiaomi’s flash sales help it reduce inventory costs and overproduction disasters. it is an exciting marketing strategy where xiaomi uses xiaomi’s market positioning is aimed at bridging the gap between the mass market and the high-end segment of the market. it is clear that xiaomi intends to, xiaomi marketing strategy pdf, xiaomi marketing strategy pdf, xiaomi marketing mix, xiaomi marketing strategy in china, xiaomi strategy.

below is the pricing strategy in xiaomi marketing strategy: xiaomi sells at low price and offers high quality products. according to the founder xiaomi entered the market with low price at medium to high quality, making the smartphone the ‘razor’ of the pricing strategy. this aims to xiaomi uses flash sales, selling their product in limited quantities within a restricted period as part of their sales strategies. xiaomi also believes in, xiaomi marketing strategy ppt, xiaomi communication strategy. what marketing strategy does xiaomi use? why is xiaomi so successful? what is xiaomi target market? what are the components of marketing mix strategy of xiaomi?

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